19.04.2006 - Increase in fleet of vessels

New vessel for HAMMONIA – MV “LUTETIA”

HAMMONIA Reederei is pleased to announce its first shipping company owned vessel.
On 10th of April 2006 the MV “COLETTA” was purchased from the Peter Döhle Schiffahrts-KG. New name of the vessel: MV “LUTETIA”. Hereby HAMMONIA Reederei now has a compliment of 18 vessels. MV “LUTETIA” was built in November 2003 at the Stocznia Szczecinska yard in Poland. The vessel has a capacity of 3.100 TEU, is 220,50 meter long and 32,30 meter wide. MV “LUTETIA” is constructed identically to the vessels MV “FRANCIA”, MV “GERMANIA”, MV “POLONIA” and MV “LETAVIA”. For our new accrual we have already managed to close a 5 year charter party.