The Company

HAMMONIA Reederei is a ship management company and a competent project developer in international shipping.

A joint venture between three companies, all being leading entities in their respective business portfolio, enables the HAMMONIA Reederei to profit from the resources and know-how of its parent companies.

HAMMONIA Reederei manages vessels for closed end retail funds, for the Hamburg stock exchange listed HCI HAMMONIA SHIPPING AG, for institutional investors (hedge funds, private equity and family offices) as well as those that are owned by HAMMONIA Reederei.

The Peter Döhle Schiffahrts-KG(short PDS-KG) is one of the most prestigious shipping companies in Germany managing the chartering for a very modern fleet of around 500 containervessels, multi-purpose vessels and bulk carriers.

The Ernst Russ Group is a listed asset and investment management company with a focus on maritime business. It operates the management of vessels and 180 shipping funds as well as renewable energies and private equity. It also provides a fully licensed service KVG. The companies in the Ernst Russ Group have invested a total of some EUR 7,5 billion in more than 200 funds, primarily in the shipping, property and renewable energy sectors.

ARDIAN purchased GE Capital´s shares in HAMMONIA in March 2016. ARDIAN (formerly AXA Private Equity) is a private equity investment company with about USD 50 billion assets under management.