June 19, 2016

Hammonia Cycling Team

STYRKEPROVEN - 540 km across Norway on bikes. On Saturday, 18th of June at 7:50 in Trondheim, all participants were excited and nervous about the next 540 km.

Beside René Menzel and Ronny Tesch of Hammonia Reederei, the team included Andreas-Dagobert Will of Lloyds Register, MD Frank Fischer and Nils Eggert of Intermarine Hamburg and Anders Akerstrom of Oslo Shipbrokers.

The next 25 hours and 23 minutes until finish line in Oslo the team faced 3500 meter altitude difference with headwinds, rain, sun and Midsommar night in the fantastic countryside of Norway.

It was a hard but fair experience for all team members. The seasoned riders Will (5th time finisher) and Menzel (4th time finisher) pushed the newcomers through the night and into finish just before closing time.

Thanks to the supporters Döhle Shipowner, Sperry Marine, Wärtsilä, Germania Shipyard, Oslo Shipbrokers AS, Intermarine, Jotun AS,  and Interschalt GmbH who made this event possible, the 50. Styrkeproven 2016 was finally a great adventure.