January 16, 2017

Sealand Los Angeles - AMP installation

On 10th of January 2017 MV Sealand Los Angeles has commissioned it's AMP (Alternative Marine Power or Cold Ironing) installation in Port Hueneme, CA.

The MV Sealand Los Angeles is one out of 5 sister vessels chartered by Maersk-Sealand where such a system to be installed and commissioned in early 2017. Hammonia supported owners Sinoceanic Shipping in project planning and execution of the installation.

The system consists of AMP container, modification of Main Switch Board and cabling in between has been installed during vessel in full operation in less than 4 weeks time. The AMP container produced by CAVERION contains the double reel, high voltage switchboard and transformer. The modification of MSB has been designed and executed by Electro Automation Austevoll. Whilst installation of  power cables performed by in house Döhle Manning Agency Romania.

After first commissioning in Port Hueneme the vessel could go online directly after berthing during her call to port of Los Angeles on 11th of January 2017.